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Animal Rescue Gallery

Our Process

Blake negotiating for seating assignment.  He says he called shotgun! 

Our History

Blake and Belle all set to go!  There are three more in the car, all ready to hit the road to Springfield, IL where they’ll meet their next drivers.

Beatriz and Inés, daughters of a friend of mine who came to help walk dogs and give the puppies play time during a walk and water break in St. Louis.

We balance giving the dogs as much cuddle and play-time as we can at the switch points while keeping in mind we have 20-30 minutes to switch out all the dogs to their next drivers. We love when extra people volunteer to come and walk the dogs to give us more time with each dog!


Sweet puppy dog hugs!

About as good of a dog selfie as I’ve managed to get! These pups stay pretty excited during transport days.

Our Process

Ollie the goat!

Our History

“Thank you for my comfy quarters! Where are we going next?”