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Karen's Animal Rescue

You haven't lived today until you do something for someone who can never repay you. (John Bunyan)

You can do something big, you can do something small because whatever you do is better than nothing at all.  I firmly believe that the world would be a wonderful place if we all lived by this principle as it pertains to easing and ending the suffering of all living beings.

That's why I volunteer on weekends with rescue transport organizations that coordinate transportation in cooperation with municipal shelters to help rescuers get animals into no-kill shelters and foster homes to be adopted. 

My YouTube Video of Special Hurricane Harvey Transport

My mission is to rescue.  My dream is that one day I won't have to.  (Tia Torres, of Villalobos Rescue Center and Pit Bulls and Parolees)

See links below for Pet Adoptions from organizations I volunteer with and/or support with donations.

The Goode Life Pet Rescue Facebook

Kennet MO Humane Dept

Shelter Friends - St. Charles, MO

Harter's Hospice Rescue

Furry Hearts Rescue - Stockton, MO

Click the links below to learn how you can volunteer in your area to help get animals to safety.  I drive mostly dogs, but in the past year, PAWS has transported cattle, a few pigs, plenty of cats, and a goat in addition to the regular 50 or more dogs we send to safety on our regular transports every other Saturday!  Yours truly got to drive the goat.  It was so cute and actually went into a dog kennel easily and was so docile and sweet I just wanted to keep hugging it!  No kidding! :-)

PAWS Transports Facebook Page

Missouri Transport Facebook Page

Here's another organization I support that pulls off miracles daily.  SNUGGLE rescues special needs animals who require special foster care due to injury, sickness or being orphaned. They also care for pregnant dogs and cats. SNUGGLE does not handle adoptions - once deemed healthy, they return the animals to local agencies who oversee the adoption process.

Snuggle Special Needs Under Gentle Guided Love Everyday Facebook