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About Classy Chicks

About Karen Boykin's Classy Chicks

Classy Chicks is for fun, and while business naturally occurs as friendships and trust are built, “networking” is not the sole purpose. Sure, exchange cards with your friends, brag about how great your friend was closing that deal or helping that client you sent her, but NO SELLING at the event!  I created and host Classy Chicks to GET AWAY FROM day-to-day networking and hang out with serious, like-minded professional SISTERS who work long hours and hold positions of responsibility as I do. Classy Chicks is your once-a-month, dedicated day to let your hair down with friends you can trust, who understand your work life, and want nothing from you other than meaningful conversation and connection – or sometimes, to be SILLY!  I also ask that conversation be kept positive. We all have positions where the crappy stuff ends at our doorstep to solve every day, and all our kids and spouses aren’t perfect any more than we are. We’re the problem solvers, and “that’s why we get paid the big bucks.”

At Classy Chicks, we engage in liquid libation therapy and warm, happy hugs from our fellow Classies to set aside the stress of the day. We can get together and talk about challenges later if you need a sounding wall and one of us can help.

It’s scheduled at 6PM, so you don’t have to rush away from the office, but it does force you to put buffers on your calendar and hold boundaries with clients and co-workers so you can get out of the office to COMMUNION with your SISTER-FRIENDS.


When inviting, I ask that you send me a quick note telling me a bit about the person ahead of time and allow me to approve (name, company, title, why you think she'd be a good addition to our group). I do this to keep the original intent of Classy Chicks serving its purpose and honoring the time and expense I invest in arranging and hosting it monthly. Since this event is a gathering of my favorite clients and referral partners in addition to my best gal pals I need to be very clear that absolutely no other financial advisor will be approved to attend

Join us and have a blast, bring the REAL YOU, and foster lasting friendships with PROFESSIONAL SISTERS who GET YOU!!  I look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to my friends!  If you were invited by another Classy, please include her name in the comment section of your RSVP so I can make that connection!